Phase-out Products
  • Variable market demand and progressive technology cause inadequate features and design in old models of TECO inverter. The emergence of new models (like A510s series, L510s series, F510 series) which have more abundant and advanced features & design consequently results from the requirements of embellished appearance and increasing capacity over time. Hence, it is necessary that old models be phased out considering company’s operation, inverter’ enhanced competitiveness and customer’s improved work efficiency. 
V31 (Phase out)
High performance with dual core processor & high protect...
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EVP (Phase out)
EVP is special desighed for providing energy saving and lowe...
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EV (Phase out)
High level of enclosure protection AC Drive on a small footp...
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MA (Phase out)
Timing saving and easy setup to install multiple drives, sui...
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GS (Phase out)
User friendly keypad with common control mode (V/f) & pr...
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PA (Phase out)
Develop for HVAC applications, usually install in heating, v...
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